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Italian Football Federation To Ban European Super League Clubs

Italian Football Federation (FGIC) has introduced a clause that will ban clubs from playing in Italian Serie A from the 2024-2025 season if they are affiliated with the European Super League. Remember that the European Super League has been one of the most controversial developments in European football post-covid-19 pandemic.

When it was introduced in April 2021, twelve top European clubs showed interest in it including Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, and Juventus that were seen as founding members of the league.

Within 72 hours after the introduction of the league, the arrangement collapsed due to fans’ protests, and threats from FIFA, UEFA, and domestic football federations.

Juventus were the last to exit the plan while the sponsors of the European Super League, A22 Sports continued to fight for the legalization of the league through a top court in Europe, alongside Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

Interestingly, the court ruled in favour of the Super League which means that any club that decides to join the league is not expected to be banned from football.

However, FIGC has created a clause that will prevent clubs from playing in the European Super League and the domestic league, Serie A.

“Italian Federation FIGC decided to approve a clause to prohibit access to the Super League for Italian clubs”, Italian transfer expert, Fabrizio Romano, shared on Twitter earlier today, December 29.

“FIGC will not allow Serie A clubs to join any competition other than Uefa, Fifa, and FIGC.

“If any club joins the Super League, it will be excluded from Serie A 2024/2025.”

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