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Mbappe forgone ‘tens of millions’ to ease PSG exit

French forward Kylian Mbappe has reportedly forgone significant bonuses in an effort to facilitate a potential departure from Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) as his contract nears its end.

An anonymous source involved in the negotiations revealed that Mbappe relinquished bonuses amounting to around 60 to 70 million euros, potentially covering the club financially in the event of his expected departure. It is also reported that Mbappe was entitled to receive an 80 million euro ‘loyalty’ bonus last September, along with other bonuses totaling 100 million euros, although these figures have been disputed by a source close to the negotiations.

Mbappe himself commented on the situation, stating, “With the agreement I reached with the president this summer, whatever my decision, we managed to protect all parties and preserve the club’s peace of mind for the challenges to come – that’s the most important thing.” This agreement reportedly ensures that PSG will be safeguarded if Mbappe leaves without a transfer fee. It is noted that his 2022 contract secures him a substantial salary, signing bonus, and loyalty bonus.

By choosing to stay at PSG until the end of his contract without extending it, Mbappe could potentially secure a payment exceeding 200 million euros. Additionally, it is suggested that in the absence of a transfer fee, he would likely receive a considerable signing-on fee from any club he joins in the summer. As of now, there has been no immediate reaction from Mbappe’s entourage when contacted, and PSG has chosen not to comment on the matter.