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Benzema takes legal action against French minister

Karim Benzema took legal action against French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, accusing him of defamation on Tuesday.

Last year, Darmanin criticized Benzema for expressing solidarity with Gaza on social media and alleged that the former footballer has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist group.

In response, Benzema’s lawyer filed a complaint, asserting that these remarks have damaged Benzema’s reputation and honor. Benzema, who currently plays for Al-Ittihad in Saudi Arabia, emphasized that he has no association with the Muslim Brotherhood and denounced the use of his public image for political agendas.

Darmanin had previously expressed surprise that Benzema did not publicly acknowledge the Israelis killed in a Hamas attack or the French teacher murdered by an Islamist former student, and highlighted Benzema’s past actions, including his refusal to sing the national anthem and his activities on social media.

The complaint was submitted to the Cour de justice, the sole French court authorized to prosecute government officials for offenses committed in the course of their official duties.