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Drogba behaves like woman – Obi Mikel

John Obi Mikel recently shared insights into his former Chelsea teammate, Didier Drogba’s game mentality during their time together at Stamford Bridge.

Mikel emphasized Drogba’s preference for high-stakes matches, highlighting his enthusiasm for pivotal encounters such as Champions League fixtures and clashes against top-tier opponents like Manchester United and Liverpool. According to Mikel, Drogba thrived in these situations and displayed heightened engagement and focus as the game approached, relishing the challenge and the attention that accompanied these pivotal moments.

Mikel also remarked that Drogba’s attitude towards smaller games, such as FA Cup matches or fixtures against less prominent clubs, differed from his approach to larger encounters. Mikel suggested that Drogba was less inclined to be as motivated for these matches, indicating that Drogba’s passion and performance were particularly notable in high-profile games.

Mikel used the metaphor of “behaving like a woman” to convey Drogba’s need for attention and nurturing in order to showcase his best performance, implying that Drogba responded positively to recognition and support, particularly in significant fixtures.

Throughout his time at Chelsea, Drogba established himself as one of the premier strikers globally, amassing an impressive record of 104 goals and 64 assists.

Mikel’s observations offer valuable insights into Drogba’s mindset and approach to different types of matches, shedding light on the nuances of his performance as a player.