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HALF-TIME: Angola vs Namibia

Gelson Dala wasn’t just playing football, he was weaving magic with his feet.

His two goals weren’t just strikes of the ball, they were thunderbolts of hope, resilience, and a burning desire to see Angola claim victory.

His first goal, a poacher’s delight, was a testament to his opportunism.

Reacting with lightning speed to a deflected corner, he sent the ball skywards, defying gravity and nestling it into the net with an almost insolent swagger.

It was a goal that said, “I’m here, I’m hungry, and I’m not leaving empty-handed.”

But Dala wasn’t done yet. His second goal was a masterpiece of skill and audacity. 

Picking up the ball near the halfway line, he danced through the Mauritanian defense, leaving them chasing shadows.

With a feint that would make a matador proud, he created just enough space, then chipped the ball over the despairing goalkeeper with a nonchalant flick of his boot.

It was a goal that screamed, “I told you I wouldn’t stop at one.”

Dala’s goals weren’t just about personal glory; they were about the team, about Angola. 

They were a rallying cry, a clarion call that echoed through the stands and ignited the hearts of his countrymen.