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Pep Hails Foden’s Unique Skillset: “He’s a Game-Changer in Any Position”

Manchester City’s 4-0 demolition of Leeds United wasn’t just about the scoreline; it was a showcase of Phil Foden’s dazzling versatility. 

While typically deployed in the front three, the 21-year-old England star mesmerized as a right-sided central midfielder, earning a well-deserved Man of the Match title.

This wasn’t a complete deviation, however. Foden’s natural talent lies in the midfield, a position he played in Manchester City’s academy.

His performance highlighted his inherent understanding of the role, evidenced by his two assists – for Rodri and Gabriel Jesus – crucial in City’s dominant victory.

Pep Guardiola, never shy of exploring tactical nuances, sees a long-term vision for Foden in the midfield engine.

He recalls the youngster’s early days at the academy, “playing in a position like Kevin (De Bruyne).”

While acknowledging Foden’s natural pace, Guardiola emphasizes the need for him to “slow down,” master different rhythms, and truly cement his place in the central midfield.

Foden’s Leeds performance wasn’t a one-off. It’s a testament to his rapid development, fueled by Guardiola’s relentless pursuit of tactical flexibility and individual excellence.

This willingness to adapt and excel in new roles makes Foden a truly unique talent, one that could redefine the way City operates in the midfield for years to come.