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Cristiano Ronaldo emerge as the hero for Al Nassr[Video]

In a dramatic turn of events, Cristiano Ronaldo emerged as the hero for Al Nassr, rescuing a crucial 1-0 victory in the first leg of their AFC Champions League Round of 16 tie against Al Fayha.

With the clock ticking down towards a goalless stalemate, the Portuguese superstar rose to the occasion in the 81st minute, converting a decisive strike to put his team in the driving seat.

Watch The Highlight Below

Al Fayha, despite a spirited performance, were left to rue their missed chances as they now face an uphill battle in the return leg.

This victory marks a significant moment for both Ronaldo and Al Nassr, as they inch closer to their dream of lifting the coveted AFC Champions League trophy.

However, Al Fayha cannot be underestimated, and the tie remains far from over.

The second leg promises another thrilling encounter, with both teams determined to rewrite the script and secure their place in the quarter-finals.