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Rooney says Messi is the GOAT and Ronaldo is ‘selfish’

Former Manchester United player Wayne Rooney shared his perspective on the playing styles of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. 

He suggested that Messi contributes more broadly to the game, creating opportunities and putting in extra effort, while Ronaldo primarily focuses on scoring goals.

This opinion aligns with Eden Hazard’s recent statement about his own playing style.

Rooney’s Playing Philosophy:

Rooney further explained his philosophy, highlighting his preference for actively participating in the game rather than solely focusing on personal goal scoring.

He compared his approach to Gary Neville’s, who faced criticism from Alex Ferguson for dropping deep.

Rooney emphasized the enjoyment derived from being involved in the game, suggesting that Hazard may share this sentiment.

Context and Relationships:

It’s important to note that Rooney and Ronaldo have previously criticized each other publicly, impacting their current relationship. 

While this adds context to Rooney’s comments, it doesn’t directly affect his evaluation of their playing styles.

Upcoming Matches:

The body concludes by mentioning upcoming matches for both Messi and Ronaldo, providing broader context to the discussion.