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Pochettino Issues Warning to Chelsea Owners

Pochettino throws cold water on Chelsea’s Argentine expansion plans.

Mauricio Pochettino, the Argentinian manager of PSG and former Tottenham Hotspur boss, has issued a sobering warning to Chelsea’s new owners, Clearlake Capital.

He cautioned them against the challenges involved in running a football club in his home country as a foreign entity.

This comes amidst rumors of Clearlake’s ambition to expand its club network, potentially including an Argentinian club.

This desire aligns with President Javier Milei’s recent loosening of investment regulations aimed at attracting foreign investment.

However, Pochettino warns that cultural differences could pose significant obstacles. 

He emphasizes the deep connection between Argentine fans and their clubs, often viewed as belonging to the community rather than investors.

He suggests that changing this mentality wouldn’t be easy, even with new regulations.

Despite the challenges, Pochettino expresses his patriotic optimism.

He believes Argentines will unite and work together to improve the country’s football landscape, regardless of external investments.