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sportsmata.com > Football > “Time will tell,” responds Pochettino to Klopp’s pre-match claim.

“Time will tell,” responds Pochettino to Klopp’s pre-match claim.

While acknowledging Liverpool’s status as favorites, Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino emphasized his team’s determination and recent momentum heading into the Carabao Cup final.

This comes after Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp downplayed his team’s chances due to injuries, claiming they are “definitely not” favorites.

Both teams face injuries, with Liverpool missing key players like Salah, Nunez, and Szoboszlai, while Chelsea has eight players out as well.

Despite acknowledging their shortcomings, Pochettino believes Liverpool’s experience in cup finals and team cohesion makes them the favorites.

He noted the relative inexperience of his own squad, with several players facing their first final.

Despite the underdog status, Pochettino expressed optimism about Chelsea’s chances, pointing out their recent improved form.

He highlighted Chelsea’s wins at Aston Villa and Crystal Palace, followed by an impressive draw against Manchester City.

These results, Pochettino believes, have instilled confidence and trust within the team, creating a “click” that was missing earlier in the season.