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sportsmata.com > Football > “EPL title chase heats up: Guardiola declares two rivals ‘unstoppable’” [Video]

“EPL title chase heats up: Guardiola declares two rivals ‘unstoppable’” [Video]

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has acknowledged the formidable form of Liverpool and Arsenal, calling them “almost unstoppable” in the heated Premier League title race.

Currently, Liverpool leads the table with 60 points, followed closely by City at 59 and Arsenal at 58.

Guardiola recognizes the challenge his team faces, emphasizing the determination of their rivals who refuse to concede points.

He stated to reporters, “The way they [our opponents] are playing, particularly Arsenal and Liverpool, is exceptional.

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They consistently score three, four, or even five goals a game. It’s as if they are nearly unstoppable.”

Indeed, Arsenal’s recent performances support this statement. In February alone, they secured a dominant 6-1 victory over West Ham, followed by a 5-0 win against Burnley.

Furthermore, they managed to score three goals against both Newcastle and Liverpool.

Liverpool has also displayed remarkable attacking prowess, netting three against Burnley and four against Brentford and Luton Town.