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Werder Bremen’s speedster, Njinmah, discusses representing Nigeria.

Nigeria or Germany? Werder Bremen’s rising star, Njinmah, ponders the international future.

Njinmah, a young talent catching fire at Werder Bremen, currently holds the title of 12th fastest player in the Bundesliga.

This impressive feat, alongside his breakout season, has reportedly attracted interest from both Nigeria, his father’s home nation, and Germany, his country of birth and upbringing.

The 23-year-old, who began his career with Borussia Dortmund, has the option to represent either nation due to his dual heritage.

While Germany is currently considered the frontrunner to secure its services, Njinmah remains open to both possibilities.

Speaking to Bild, Njinmah acknowledged the news, stating, “Nick Woltemade showed me the article in the dressing room.

Hearing you’re on a national team’s radar motivates you to push even harder.” He continued, “If I keep improving, representing my country might not be as distant as I thought.”

Njinmah’s future international allegiance remains undecided, but his talent is undeniable and both Nigeria and Germany are keen to secure him.