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Champions League Gets a Shakeup: UEFA Unveils New Format 

Shakeup for Europe’s Elite: Champions League Gets a Revamp

Get ready for a new era in European club football! UEFA has unveiled a major overhaul for the Champions League, kicking off in the 2024-2025 season.

Say goodbye to the familiar group stage. In its place, a single, 36-team league phase will pit the continent’s best clubs against each other.

Imagine the matchups! This expanded format also applies to the Europa League and Europa Conference League, creating more opportunities for teams to compete at the highest level.

Here’s how it works: Each team will face eight different opponents, two drawn from each of four seeding pots.  Think of it as a guaranteed eight blockbuster matches, four at home and four away.

The top eight finishers in this league phase automatically progress to the coveted Round of 16.  The fight for the remaining spots gets even more intense.

Teams ranked ninth to 24th will battle it out in a knockout playoff round to join the elite eight in the pre-quarterfinals.

But there’s a sting for those who finish at the bottom. Unlike before, teams placing 25th to 36th are eliminated from all European competitions. No more consolation prizes!

This new format promises a more dynamic and competitive Champions League. Get ready for a fresh season filled with exciting matchups and high stakes!