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Frank Lampard is no match to Phil Foden — Paul Scholes [Video]

Scholes Praises Foden’s Talent, Highlights Lampard’s Impact

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Manchester United legend Paul Scholes heaped praise on Manchester City’s Phil Foden after his standout performance in the derby win over United.

Foden bagged a brace in the 3-1 victory, showcasing his undeniable talent.

Scholes believes Foden possesses superior technical skills compared to Chelsea icon Frank Lampard.

However, he acknowledges Lampard’s winning mentality and impact on his teams, especially in crucial matches.

“He’s a better footballer than Lampard,” Scholes said, “but Lampard scored goals and won leagues for his club.

I think Phil Foden is starting to do that goalscoring-wise in big games.”

Scholes seems to suggest that while Foden has the potential to emulate Lampard’s winning contributions, he’s currently more focused on showcasing his technical brilliance.