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Kevin De Bruyne’s Actions After the Match Against Chelsea Highlight Manchester City’s Reality in Their Bid for Two Titles.

Could Manchester City’s ‘poorest showing of the season’ be seen as their finest?

Despite fatigue against Chelsea, coming off a grueling Champions League exit against Real Madrid just under three days prior, City remained committed.

They trusted seven of the same starters from the Real match and suffered the loss of two refreshed players due to injuries. It’s no surprise they weren’t at their peak at Wembley, but they didn’t have to be.

Reaching a consecutive FA Cup final despite these hurdles is a testament to the team Pep Guardiola has built.

His famous line from the Amazon documentary, ‘You are tired? F— you’, echoes his sentiment, and he recently expressed dissatisfaction with Rodri’s public admission of fatigue.

Guardiola rejected the notion that this week’s tight schedule was a valid excuse, affirming his team’s ability to cope.

Kevin De Bruyne, visibly ‘exhausted’ and requesting substitution against Madrid, played a full 90 minutes at Wembley. Although not fully recovered, De Bruyne’s influence was pivotal in City’s winning goal.

Guardiola has stated that while De Bruyne may not enhance the team’s play, he certainly contributes to victories. That was precisely what City needed last Saturday.

De Bruyne earned the man of the match title from BBC commentators, but it was Bernardo who dramatically improved his standing within three days.

Bernardo emerged at the crucial moment, converting De Bruyne’s redirected cross into the decisive goal at Wembley.

Criticized for a penalty miss days earlier, he now played a key role in sustaining City’s hopes for a double, clocking 210 minutes over three days.

Phil Foden shone despite the workload, Rodri pushed through his apparent exhaustion, Manu Akanji stepped up for John Stones, and Jack Grealish maintained his impressive form. When Grealish was substituted, Jeremy Doku stepped in to assist in the crucial goal.

With a depleted squad of only 16 fit outfield players post-Wembley injuries, City’s tenacity prevailed. The fortune they lacked against Real Madrid favored them this time.

At the final whistle, the City players found renewed vigor. De Bruyne, Rodri, and Grealish (who had been subbed off after a harsh tackle) all energetically celebrated with their fans.

De Bruyne praised the team’s spirit and resilience, while Guardiola marveled at his team’s accomplishment.

The performance might not have been City’s most polished, but it showcased their quintessential character.

The once-negative connotation of ‘Typical City’ is gradually being redefined as a symbol of determination and perseverance, complementing their exceptional play when all elements align.

Thus, for those who deemed this City’s weakest performance of the season, suggesting they were fortunate, perhaps this time they merited their fortune.

They’ve shown they can triumph even when not at their best. The prospect of a double remains alive, and perhaps De Bruyne’s individual brilliance isn’t necessary as long as he continues to secure victories.