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sportsmata.com > Football > “If I Speak, There will B€ Fire” – Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah said 

“If I Speak, There will B€ Fire” – Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah said 

Salah appeared to have a disagreement with Klopp as he was getting ready to enter the game in the 79th minute.

Klopp declined to reveal the details of the dispute, but ex-Liverpool forward Peter Crouch commented on TNT Sports that the incident does not cast the club in a positive light.

Crouch mentioned that Salah, who usually starts for Liverpool, would be quite upset about being a substitute. He added, “It’s always unpleasant to witness conflicts between a manager and a prominent player.”

Salah displayed signs of irritation over Klopp’s remarks as he was about to join the match, and he seemed inclined to continue the argument until his teammates Darwin Nunez and Joe Gomez intervened and led him away.

The outcome of the match has nearly eliminated Liverpool from the championship contention. They are now ranked third and their slim hopes depend on Arsenal and Manchester City losing points.

In a post-match social media video, Salah made a cryptic comment while passing through the press area, stating, “If I speak there will be fire.”

When a journalist inquired about “Fire?” Salah affirmed, “Yes, definitely.”

Later, Klopp mentioned, “We discussed it in the locker room and for me, it’s resolved.”