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Bayern Munich Search Continues: Tuchel on Ex-Man Utd Boss Saying No

Amidst Bayern Munich’s struggles to secure a new manager, with Ralf Rangnick being the latest to decline the opportunity, current boss Thomas Tuchel remains steadfast in his belief that the club retains its allure while reaffirming his decision to depart at the end of the season.

Since Tuchel announced his departure in February, Bayern’s search for a successor has encountered obstacles.

Initially eyeing Xabi Alonso as the top choice, they faced disappointment when he opted to prolong his tenure at Bayer Leverkusen.

Subsequent negotiations with former manager Julian Nagelsmann also faltered as he committed to the German national team.

The Bavarians seemed poised to secure Rangnick’s services, only for him to reject the offer, choosing to continue his role with Austria beyond the Euros.

Despite the setbacks, Tuchel downplayed their impact on the club’s appeal, emphasising Bayern’s enduring prestige.

When questioned during his pre-match press conference ahead of Bayern’s away Bundesliga clash with Stuttgart on Saturday about the prolonged managerial search and Rangnick’s refusal, Tuchel emphasised his focus on immediate priorities, stating: “Well, I don’t think the players need to know [who will be the next manager] in the next five or seven days.”

Regarding Bayern’s attractiveness to managers post-Rangnick decision, Tuchel remained optimistic, stating, “No, I don’t think so. It was attractive enough for me.”

However, he refrained from further commenting on the matter, reiterating his commitment to the club’s current objectives.