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Guardiola Questions Spending Power as City Chases Title Glory

With the 2023/24 treble secured, Manchester City has shifted its focus to achieving a historic feat: winning four consecutive Premier League titles. Manager Pep Guardiola emphasizes the difficulty of this accomplishment, highlighting the lack of such a record in England’s top flight.

Guardiola downplays the notion that replicating their previous success was the initial goal. He explains: “In the beginning of the season no, we didn’t think about the four Premier Leagues. If we are still in contention by February, March, April, it ignites something that says: ‘This is something special, something no team has done before.'”

To illustrate the challenge, Guardiola references past powerhouses: “Liverpool in the 80s, Sir Alex Ferguson’s United in the 90s, Chelsea with Abramovich and Mourinho, and Arsenal with Wenger – they didn’t achieve it either.”

Guardiola also addresses the perception that City’s success solely relies on high spending. He points out that the club’s net spend over the last five years is comparable to other top contenders like Chelsea, Arsenal, and Manchester United, despite these teams’ lack of Premier League titles during his tenure.

“Before, people said money wins titles,” Guardiola states. “Based on that logic, Manchester United, Chelsea, and Arsenal should have all the titles. They’ve spent as much as us in the last five years, yet they’re not there.”

He emphasizes the value of strategy and team effort:  “It’s not about money. Look at Leicester winning the league. It’s about hard work and building something special.” 

Despite the odds, City remains focused on etching their name in history: “We know it won’t be easy, but history is in front of us. This is a chance to do something exceptional, and we’re determined to achieve it.”

Guardiola acknowledges Arsenal’s threat in the title race, concluding: “Otherwise, Arsenal will be champions.”