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Arteta Admits Transfer Regret: “It Was a Disaster”

Arteta Reflects on Regretful Transfer During Playing Career

While managing Arsenal, Mikel Arteta hasn’t publicly admitted major transfer regrets. However, he recently opened up about a deeply personal transfer decision he made as a player that proved disastrous.

Playing for Rangers in Scotland, Arteta felt compelled to return to his native Spain when his parents’ marriage was falling apart. He hoped his presence could reconcile them, but it wasn’t meant to be. The move to Real Sociedad also didn’t work out on the pitch.

Speaking to BBC Sport, Arteta shared his emotional turmoil: “Guilt weighed heavily on me. Leaving Rangers, pursuing my dream, did it contribute to their divorce? I felt responsible.”

He continued, “Returning to Spain felt like the right thing at the time. I wanted to reconnect with my family. Unfortunately, it was a disaster. Neither the transfer nor my attempt to mend my family worked out.”

This revision focuses on the emotional impact of the transfer and uses stronger verbs to convey the negativity. It also keeps the key details about his motivations and the move’s outcome.