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Tensions Rise: Serbia Threatens Euro 2024 Withdrawal

Serbia’s participation in Euro 2024 is under a cloud of controversy following allegations of offensive chanting by fans of Croatia and Albania.

The Serbian Football Association (FA) has lodged a formal complaint with UEFA, claiming supporters from both nations directed hateful chants towards Serbian players and fans during their Group B encounter on Wednesday. 

The specific chants in question, reportedly containing threats of violence, occurred in the 59th minute of the Croatia-Albania draw. 

Jovan Surbatovic, General Secretary of the Serbian FA, demanded sanctions against both Croatia and Albania, emphasizing the severity of the situation. 

“What happened is scandalous,” Surbatovic stated via RTS. “We will ask UEFA for sanctions, even at the cost of not continuing the competition.”  

While expressing confidence in UEFA’s disciplinary process, citing a previous response to a Serbian complaint, Surbatovic left the door open for further action. “We will demand punishment for the federations of both teams,” he continued. 

“We do not want to participate in such an environment, but if UEFA does not take action, we will have to decide our next steps.”

This development adds tension to Euro 2024 and places pressure on UEFA to investigate the allegations and determine appropriate consequences.