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Turkey Defender Sounds Alarm: “Ronaldo’s on Fire – Be Ready!”

Turkish defender Merih Demiral highlighted the threat posed by Cristiano Ronaldo ahead of their Euro 2024 clash against Portugal on Saturday.

During a pre-match press conference on Thursday, Demiral acknowledged Ronaldo’s current form, stating, “His level is very good right now.” 

Demiral, a former Juventus teammate of Ronaldo, emphasized the need for defensive vigilance. “We need to be very careful as a defense,” he said, referencing their past encounter in Saudi Arabia.

He further complimented Ronaldo’s work ethic, calling him “a football player who loves to work and sets an example for everyone.”

This statement comes as both Turkey and Portugal prepare for their second group stage match.

Turkey emerged victorious in their opener against Georgia (3-1), while Portugal secured a narrow win over Czechia (2-1).