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Former Man United Star Questions England’s Approach at Euros

Roy Keane has criticized England manager Gareth Southgate’s decision to deploy Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold in midfield during their Euro 2024 draw with Denmark. 

The choice raised eyebrows, as Alexander-Arnold primarily plays full-back for his club. 

“Playing a player who doesn’t regularly perform in that position is a significant risk,” the Roy remarked, according to Football 365.

“While Alexander-Arnold occasionally drifts into midfield for Liverpool, it’s different to starting there and fulfilling the role consistently.” 

The Roy further pointed out the demands of central midfield. “Playing in the middle is physically challenging, requiring precise positioning and covering distance – areas where Alexander-Arnold has struggled in these two games.” 

The criticism extends beyond the individual player, highlighting Southgate’s tactical approach. “This isn’t solely Alexander-Arnold’s fault,” the Roy concluded.

“Starting a full-back in midfield was a major gamble, especially considering these were opponents England were expected to dominate and control possession against.”